Early Breast Examination

Early examination of breast diseases and tumors

Nowadays, the spread of breast diseases and tumors among women is significantly undeniable, breast cancer has become one of the most cancer types that affect many women in the world, and it is estimated that the possibility of one in nine women may infected with this type of tumor, However, the early detection of the tumor contributes to thetreatment and reduction of its spread at positive rates and thus success in achieving high rates of healing.
Therefore, the Center is interested in providing all advanced medical means in the early detection of breast tumors for treatment and control in a positive and very effective way.
it is through providing modern techniques of needle sampling without exposure to any type of surgery.
early detection of breast tumors has contributed significantly to significant reduction in mortality rate.

First: Home detection of breast tumors

Every woman should examine her own breasts periodically and in front of a mirror, compare the mass of both breasts, and notice any differences between them, once by the relaxing her hands towards the breast to the bottom, and again by relaxing her hands toward the breast to the top.
Then examine each breast alone with the three fingers (ring, middle, and index finger) of the other hand.
During this examination, the breast should be divided into four parts,so any abnormalities such as the appearance of any lumps in any quarter of the breast are detected.
Once you find any lumps inside your breast, you should see a specialist.

What is the difference between breast diseases and breast tumors?

Of course, there is a huge difference between breast diseases and tumors, although many women get annoyedin showing any symptoms of breast disease and show panic, but it is should be known very well that there is a type of breast disease called “Breast implants” as it looks like a tumor, But in fact, it is not at all. These implants collect liquids around them in what appears to be a mass. That causes women to be distressed and it is suspectedas a tumor.
These fluids usually cause breast exposure to a bacterial infection that causes severe pain and general temperature rise in the affected woman.
A sample of this fluid is taken for analysis by a needle, and there is no possibility that this type of tumor will become cancer at all.
This type of tumor is not recommended for surgical intervention because it can be controlled with appropriate medical drugs.

What are the types of breast cancer tumors?

Breast tumors are divided into several types:

  1. Benign breast tumors:
    They are benign tumors that appear as a block in the breast and do not turn into malignant tumors at all. They may usually affect women between the ages of 15 and 30, and surgical intervention is usually not recommended for removal to maintain the external appearance of the breast.
  2. Pre-cancer tumors:
    It is a type of tumor that does not fall under the list of cancer tumors at the present time but is susceptible to cancerous tumors in the future.
    They may be detected by a mammogram, and a group of microscopic stitches is observed inside the tumor.
    A sample of the tumor is taken by a needle, to identify the type, and then surgically removed.
    Women who develop these tumors range in age from 30 to 50 years.
  3. Breast cancer tumors:
    This type of tumor is diagnosed by taking a sample of the tumor by a needle, and should be treated positively without anxiety and panic, through complete mastectomy with the lymph nodes under the armpit, or excision of the injured part only if the tumor is small with the removal of the edges of the breast To ensure the removal of all infected tissue, or start exposure of infected women to chemotherapy to minimize the tumor to the extent possible, and then to remove it, and usually require exposure to radiation therapy to ensure that it does not reappear.Great results have been achieved and global healing rates are assured in this area.