Follow-up infertility cases

Follow-up infertility cases: the spread of infertility in both women and men without exception in undeniable, However, many cases of infertility that have been treated by the latest medical technology have  already achieved results that are amazing and unexpected.
Through the scientific development and advanced medical techniques, modern medicine has been able to eliminate most problems of infertility among the couple and contribute to the enjoyment of a happy family life and achieve the dream of childbearing with ease.
In the field of treatment of infertility problems, the center specializes in providing the latest advanced medical methods and techniques to solve and treat these types of problems and control them positively.
Both spouses should practice full and regular intimatelife without resorting to any means of contraception during the first year of marriage, and not to worry about pregnancy. However, after the first year of marriage without pregnancy, it is recommended for both spouses to consult a doctor to find the cause of delayed pregnancy and acceleratethe treatment of any potential causes.

But the question here is what causes women's infertility?

Pregnancy failure is one of the initial signs of infertility among women. Indications of this are the irregularity of the menstrual cycle. This is identified when the period of the menstrual cycle is delayed for 35 days from the beginning of the previous period of decline or the period of the menstrual period Up to less than 21 days from the date of onset of the previous descent, and this indicates the presence of menstrual disorders in women.
However, In general, there are no other clear indications of any disturbances affecting fertility rates among women.

What are the causes of infertility among women?

The process of fertilization is very complex, but all we can explain to you in a simple and easy way is that the process of fertilization is accomplished by meeting the female egg with sperm from the male, inside the womb under certain conditions and circumstances. Through the union together and thus begin stages of development of the fetus within the uterus until the full extent.
it has been noted that the egg of the female and the sperm of the male are the main axes of the fertilization process.
Here, we highlight the female. All that is required of the female is the moving of the egg from the ovarian follicle and to go to the fallopian tube through a process called ovulation.

Therefore, it is noted that up to 25% of infertility cases in women are related to ovulation, and are directly related to ovarian or pituitary strikes.
Some hormonal disorders such as LH and FSH, which are produced by the pituitary gland, cause irregular ovulation and thus menstrual disorders.
Excess weight, low or sudden weight loss may cause hormonal disorders that adversely affect the process of ovulation in a healthy way and thus directly affect the reproductive health of the female.
Also, PCOS is one of the reasons that adversely affect the rate of hormone screening and the impotence of ovulation.
Do not forget the psychological factor and extreme tension and raise the negative on the process of ovulation.
There are many other causes of infertility among women, such as obstruction of the fallopian tube, poor egg quality due to smoking or aging in women, or a sexually transmitted disease that impairs ovulation.
Therefore, proper examination by specialists and consultants in the field of infertility treatment should be carried out in order to reach the problem of female infertility and to quickly treat it properly.