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Noremoscopic surgery for ectopic pregnancy

Before talking about neural surgery for ectopic pregnancy, we first need to know about the concept of ectopic pregnancy.

What is pregnancy outside of the womb?

The ectopic pregnancy is called the “migrating pregnancy.” The ectopic pregnancy occurs when the fertilized ovum is implanted into ectopic tissues and not within the uterus itself. The fallopian tube is one of the most implanted tissue in the body, it has 95% Of migrant pregnancies.

Migraine may occur within other ectopic tissues such as the ovary, abdominal cavity or at the lower part of the uterus, but at rare rates of only 5% of migratory pregnancies.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy) ?

There are no differences between the initial symptoms of ectopic pregnancy and normal pregnancy, such as the desire to vomit, nausea, and pain in the breast.
But there are also other symptoms characterized by ectopic pregnancy than normal pregnancy are as follows:

  1. Feeling of pain severe abdominal area and is concentrated in one of the right or left sides.
  2. Stop the menstrual cycle by up to 75% of pregnancies.
  3. Exposure to bleeding from the vagina, but in small quantities.

What are the most common causes of ectopic pregnancy?

  1. Bacterial infections in the pelvic area cause destruction of the function of the cilia inside the fallopian tube. which function is to push the fertilized ovum from the inside of the tube to the right place, namely the uterus, and as a result of failure of the cilia function to achieve this exposure to migratory pregnancies.
  2. Fallopian tube obstruction due to exposure to some surgeries such as sterilization (for example).
  3. The use of contraceptives such as (uterine block, or birth control drugs containing progesterone).
  4. The age of women increases (women between the ages of 35 and 40 are more likely to be exposed to ectopic pregnancy than younger people).
  5. Exposure to previous migrant pregnancies makes women more likely to be exposed to migrant pregnancies in the coming times.
  6. Smoking affects women negatively and causes the migrant pregnancy.

What are the negative problems caused by ectopic pregnancy?

  1. Exposure to internal hemorrhage caused by the explosion of migrate pregnancy and then exposure to a general decline in circulation, and this is one of the most serious problems of pregnancy.
  2. Exposure to infertility, but in lower cases (where the proportion of women who have undergone infertility after pregnancy, between 10 to 15% only).

How to diagnose a ectopic pregnancy?

The examination of pregnancy hormone through a blood analysis and height significantly more than 1000 I.U of the most important means to identify the existence of migrant pregnancy and this is verified by conducting a vaginal examination by sonar to ensure the existence of an ectopic pregnancy.

How is ectopic pregnancy treated?

The method of treatment of migratory pregnancies is determined by the location and size of the pregnancy. There are three different ways of dealing with migratory pregnancies:

  1. Drug therapy.
  2. Drug abuse treatment.
  3. Treatment by laparoscopic surgical intervention.

First: Conservative treatment of ectopic pregnancy treatment:
The conservative treatment of ectopic pregnancy is monitored through its initial stages, and here the size of the pregnancy is small and may be removed automatically without the need for any surgical intervention or taking drugs.

Second: Treatment by the use of medical drugs:
Ectopic pregnancy is likely to be treated by women taking certain drugs, but under certain conditions, as follows:

  1. The pregnancy period is small
  2. The rate of pregnancy hormone is simple.
    In that case, medical drugs are the most appropriate means of safely eliminating ectopic pregnancy without the need for laparoscopy.

Third: Treatment by Laparotomy:
Of course, the Nadorian surgeries have achieved remarkable successes in the field of modern medicine, it positively and effectively replaced the surgical opening of the abdomen.
When the size of the pregnancy is greater or when the woman with migraine is exposed to vaginal bleeding as a result of the explosion of pregnancy, the method of nervous surgical intervention should be immediately selected for the final elimination of pregnancy.
By using a laparoscope, the extracellular pregnancy is removed or the fallopian tube is removed, depending on the condition. This is decided by the obstetrician and gynecologist by diagnosing the postoperative condition.
If the fallopian tube is damaged by pregnancy, the pregnancy is removed and the canal is removed.
If the fallopian tube is not damaged, it is repaired to restore normal function and not to be removed.
nervous surgical intervention is a safe way to get rid of a migrant pregnancy, without any skin abnormalities due to surgical opening of the abdomen.

There is a list of all the women’s surgical medical operations offered by the Center at the highest level of medical quality:

  1. All kinds of Caesarean operations.
  2. Hysterectomy (by laparoscopy or through the opening of the surgical abdomen as required by the health of the patient).
  3. The eradication of tumors of the uterus (fibrous or cancer).
  4. Removal of bags or tumors ovaries.
  5. Cosmetic vagina and tightening of the tissues and bleaching sensitive area.
  6. Vaginal tightening operations and treatment of urinary incontinence.
  7. Dredging operations in order to identify the causes of vaginal bleeding.