Advanced Laser Treatments

Use of laser in treating urinary incontinence and narrowing vagina with bleaching sensitive areas

Many women suffer from problems with urinary incontinence as a result of the natural birth of more than once, this may cause the relaxation of the tissues supporting the urethra and also weakness in the vaginal tissue and loss of sensations, resulting  negative results, including the inability to control the urine, Urinary incontinence “,  aging is also considered a negative factor contributing to exposure to urinary incontinence.

What is urinary incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is an involuntary leakage of small amounts of urine due to weak urine control. This may occur when the abdominal area is exposed to pressure, sneezing, frequent coughing, or carrying heavy weight objects.

How is urinary incontinence caused by vaginal tissue treated?

Of course, modern medicine has been able to find advanced medical methods that contribute to the solution of the problem of urinary incontinence by tightening and strengthening the group of tissues surrounding the urinary canal, this may succeed in supporting and improving the ability to control the urine.

How to strengthen and tighten weak vaginal tissues after being weakened and relaxed?

Of course, modern medicine has been able through the use of laser to tighten both the Slot and vaginal canal in the form of cosmetic, and may result in very positive results, which is the treatment of  urinary incontinence, and also contribute to the enhancement of sexual feelings as a result of improving the level of friction during the intimate relationship with her partner.

Er: YAG has achieved tremendous success in narrowing the Slot and vaginal canal and enhancing in revitalizing the vaginal tissue in a very effective and positive manner. It is considered a very effective and safe treatment. It requires no surgical intervention and does not cause any deformities to the area at all.

What are the advantages of laser vaginal narrowing ?

  1. Without suffering any pain during the session and there are no traces of bleeding or bickering.
  2. Obtain positive long-term results.
  3. Not to be subjected to anesthesia during the laser session.
  4. Takes place in obstetrics and gynecology clinic and takes only a short time (from 10 to 15 minutes only).
  5. Get rid of the problem of urinary incontinence and enjoy intimacy.
  6. Promote better vaginal dryness.

As a result of these positive and effective results, laser has become a unique treatment that contributes to the solution of problems in the vagina that result from repeated birth and also age.
Therefore, every woman who suffers from the problem of urinary incontinence and widen vaginal opening after childbirth should not be worry or embarrassing and go to the obstetrician and specialist obstetrician in order to quickly treatment by using the developed and modern laser technique Er: YAG for controlling the problem and treat it easily .
They will notice the positive results as soon as the sessions are completed, and they will enjoy a better sexual intercourse and enjoy a happy married life with the partner.

Second: Beautification of the vagina and bleaching sensitive areas:
Repeated birth and age increase the vulnerability of vaginal muscles relaxation and weakness of the tissues and then exposure to many health problems at the psychological health and sexual level as mentioned before, studies have shown that the relaxation of the vaginal muscles are the most common cases among women, it may affect the difficulty of the process Osteoporosis and chronic constipation, and the frontal flexion of vaginal muscles contribute to exposure to urinary incontinence and lack of sensations while intimacy with the partner.
Cosmetic surgery of the vagina improves the external appearance of the sensitive area and tightens the vaginal muscles, thus contributing to a more effective intimate relationship between the two partners.
It may also improve the external appearance of the sensitive area by enlarging or minimizing the external blades and whitening the external vaginal area to look more beautiful and attractive, as well as restoring the skin and beautifying the deformities caused by birth and expansion.

Is there a preferred time to undergo laser sessions aimed to narrowing the vagina and beautify the sensitive area?

There is no specific time for laser sessions that aim to narrow the vagina and bleach the sensitive area, but prefer to undergo these sessions a few weeks after birth, and also do not prefer to undergo those sessions immediately after birth, for the effect of negative birth on the blood vessels and muscles of the uterus.
This is achieved through the use of laser technology, which has achieved amazing results and very positive in bleaching sensitive area and beautify the appearance of the outside field, without any complications.