Pregnancy follow-up service

Pregnancy follow-up service: Surly, the procedures of follow-up stages of pregnancy through the periodic visit of pregnant mother to the specialist doctor in the field of obstetrics and gynecology, is one of the most effective ways to maintain the health of pregnant mother and her baby  and complete the pregnancy period for good.
Therefore, the Center is interested in providing various types of advanced care, which is the focus of attention to follow-up pregnancies in order to preserve the health of the mother and fetus and ensure the absence of any problems that affect the long-term impact on the health of the mother and her child.
No doubt, every woman in her pregnancy has been asked many questions, which must be answered by trusted specialist, a gynecologist who specializes in following up on pregnancy till giving birth.
Pregnancy begins when the menstrual period is delayed in women and the necessary analysis is performed to confirm pregnancy.

Here, the pregnant mother should start a specialized pregnancy care program with a specialist gynecologist.
It is a custom program that includes regular visits to the pregnant mother of the specialist, and continues from the beginning of pregnancy until the day of birth.
In the normal range, the pregnant mother visits the specialist twice monthly until the eighth month of pregnancy, which requires a weekly visit until the day of giving birth.
However, there are exceptional cases, namely, the injury of the pregnant mother of some health problems during or before pregnancy. In this case, the pregnant mother is required to increase the rate of follow-up during the pregnancy months in order to ensure the continuation of the stability of both the mother and baby health.
In general, the second pregnancy may require fewer visits for the pregnant mother compared to the first pregnancy.

What are the procedures used in the first visits of the pregnant mother during pregnancy follow-up?

The first visits to the pregnant mother at the beginning of pregnancy are the most comprehensive and accurate. The mother’s health history, family history, and overall health status are also discussed. Many pregnancy-related risks and problems are discussed. Weight analysis, blood protein testing, and a breast and pelvic examination should also be performed by the specialist doctor.

What are the follow-up procedures for pregnancy in the second trimester?

The size of the uterus is examined and the growth rate is examined by measuring the height of the uterus. At each visit, the baby’s pulse is checked and the normal growth rate is monitored by watching it through the sonar.

What are the procedures for follow-up pregnancy in the ninth and last month of pregnancy?

As mentioned before, that in the last month of pregnancy, the pregnant mother may be requested to follow up with her specialist doctor weekly, and may performan internal examination before the date of birth, and also by identifying the status of the baby, and then determine the quality of delivery either natural or caesarean if necessary to do so.
While the date of birth of the pregnant mother is recognized by the specialized doctor, the internal examination of the mother, which recognizes the rate of fetal descent, which is called “level of the fetus.”
For example, if the fetus is in the position of the infant, it may be necessary to resort to caesarean delivery in order to avoid the normal delivery of the fetus in this situation.
Also, the pregnant mother should ask her specialist doctor any questions that may across her mind in order to find out the proper medical instructions that should be taken into consideration during her pregnancy and until giving birth.