Pre-Marital Medical Examination

Pre-marital Medical Examination Service

Surly, there are many genetic, infectious and sexually transmitted diseases that must be recognized before getting married.
Our center is pleased to provide pre-marital medical check-up services to ensure the establishment of a happy family life free of infectious and genetic problems and diseases.
Also, through the pre-marital medical examination, the reproductive abilities of both parties are identified and any organic disorder that adversely affects reproductive health is discovered and therefore the speed of treatment may develop.
We should not forget the importance of the relationship between the couple and its negative effects on the new generation’s exposure to genetic problems. Therefore, both the two parties to the marriage and their relationship should be subjected to pre-marital medical examination.

Therefore, pre-marital medical examination is divided into three directions

  • Examination of the ability of the couple to reproduce: It is through the confirmation of the parties have the ability to reproduce, and this is done by examining the number of sperm within the semen for the husband and also to examine the ability to erect, while for the wife, may be examined the health of the uterus and quality Oocytes.
    Examination of genetic diseases: Of course, there are many genetic diseases appear in the second generation, and therefore must be identified in both families.

Among the most common diseases that are examined for each of the spouses before marriage, is the detection of Thalassemia disease, in other words is the examination of the rate of hemoglobin in the blood and the rate of red blood cells, and Thalassemia is a serious genetic disease that is transmitted to the second generation and must be avoided.

What are the symptoms of anorexia thalassemia?
Thalassemia causes a mutation in the components of the hemoglobin compound in the blood, which negatively affects the contribution of the break-up of red blood cells and followed by serious health problems, such as swelling of the spleen, liver and skull,thus require the patient to transfer blood continuously.
There is also sickle cell anemia disease, which is one of the diseases prevalent in the Gulf countries, in addition to other blood tests, such as measuring the rate of hemoglobin and sugar in the blood.
it should be considered that, the family history of disease must be investigated for each of the two partners before marriage, in order to ensure a generation that is not infected with incurable and difficult genetic diseases.

  • Infectious diseases Examination: These are diseases that are transmitted as a result of sexual contact between the couple. They include liver disease, chronic kidney disease and sexual diseases such as AIDS, syphilis and herpes.
    What are the benefits of pre-marital medical examination?
    These medical tests contribute to the reduction of the spread of genetic diseases in a positive and effective manner, as well as in protecting both parties from many diseases caused by sexual intercourse, in addition to ensuring that the reproductive health problems of each side are not compromised, and to avoid family and social problems and ensure that the couple would enjoy a happy healthy life, free of health problems.
    Because marriage is a sacred relationship, it must be characterized by stability and tranquility and compassion.
    Therefore, the examination of pre-nuptial physicians should not be neglected for either party without exception.