Early detection of cervical tumors

What is cervical cancer?

It is a type of tumor that initially affects the cervix and then takes to spread towards the near tissues to the uterus or all the cells of the entire body.

The Center offers advanced technology in the field of early detection of cervical tumors. It is performed  through a simple test called “Pap smear”, where the specialist doctor to take a tiny sample of the cervical cells and analyze it, in order to verify the existence of any abnormal cells on the surface of the cervical tissue, and then to take appropriate medical procedures towards it quickly.

Women who undergo this type of tumor test range from 25 to 65 years. This procedure is used in the early detection of cervical cancers of all types and degrees in a precise and easy manner.

What is the progression rate of cervical cancer?

The progression rate of cervical cancer is very slow, it starts with a simple degree of cancer called “dysplasia”, which is detected at this early stage of cervical cancer as mentioned by “conducting a Pap smear”, it may be controlled positively  when detected early in that phase.

Cancer changes can take many years before they become cancerous.

It is therefore recommended to undergo “Pap smears” periodically to detect any abnormal tissue on the surface of the cervix early and to treat and control it before development.

What are the advantages of a ``Pap smear`` procedure?

The procedure of “Pap smear” is characterized by its ability to accurately detect any changes in cervical tissue that may occur on the uterus in the phases before and after cancer.

but is not considered as a definitive evidence of cervical cancer. When any abnormal and temporary changes in the cervical tissue are detected as a result of cervical screening, itshould be directed towards a more advanced and accurate examination of the cervix by a device called cervical endoscopy, to effectively enlarge the cervical cells. Another sample of the suspected cervical tissue is then sent to the laboratory to determine the exact type of the tissue more accurately.

What actions should be taken by women undergoing ``Pap smear`` procedures?

Surly, there are incorrect procedures that negatively affect the results of the Pap smear test, these wrong procedures cause the abnormal cells not to appear on the surface of the cervical tissue and thus causes the inability to detect them through a “Pap smear”. This result produces misleading and inaccurate results.

But let’s get to know about the procedures that should be avoided by women who undergo “Pap smear” procedures before undergoing this test for at least two days:

  1. It is forbidden to have sex before being subjected to the procedure to at least two days.
  2. Not to do vaginal washing.
  3. Do not use cotton caps.
  4. Do not expose the vagina to both vaginal creams and medicines and suppositories.
  5. Not to expose the vagina to vaginal medical traps or any quality of powders.