Natural delivery without pain

Of course, the notion of a natural birth without pain has spread widely through social media channels.
Today, our center presents a new trend in the field of birth, under the questionable title of natural birth without pain, what is it? How? What are their results? For all these questions in your mind and more,we will try to make it clear to you and recognize them together one by one.
To every pregnant woman who is about to give birth, you must take the time to rethink about Caesarean and learn about the advantages of natural delivery without pain.
It may be the most appropriate.
First, you should not listen to all stories from your close friends and relatives about naturaldelivery and its pain and trouble, because the pain threshold of each woman is different, and each case of birth also has their own circumstances that differ from one case to another.
We cannot say that giving birth does not cause any pain, but the degree of intensity of pain varies from one case to another and this depends on several factors.
You shouldkeep internal peace before giving birth and not to be exposed to any negative thoughts affect your mood and nervousness and cause you to experience any health problems before and after giving birth.
You must consider birth as a stage that must be experienced in order to welcome the most precious creature on earth for you, which bear the burden of nine months for that moment is a situation in peace and security.

What are the ways to relieve pain during natural delivery?

  • Local anesthesia: where local anesthetic is used around the vagina, which is not effective in reducing the pain of giving birth, may be resorted to after the completion of the birth during the sewing stage.
    If it used alone, the mother will feel all the pains of delivery, so,  some oral painkillers or intravenous injections will be used to relieve the symptoms of postpartum pain and during the stitching of the wound.
  • Partial anesthesia: It is divided into two categories (the first is epidural anesthesia, the second is Epidural administration), the pregnant mother is anesthetized by anesthetic at the end of the spinal cord and spine inside the dura itself or in the spinal cord above, in order to control the pain of birth in the lower region of the back or pelvis or abdomen, but must be quick to carry out anesthesia in a timely manner, after the start of labor and before reaching the stage of birth, and thus do not feel the pregnant mother in any symptoms or pain during delivery.It is noted that this technique is possible to be applied in both natural and Caesarean births without exception.
    The mother will be able to put her baby safely without feeling severe birth pain, even though she has some of the first minor pains with minor symptoms

Are there side effects of anesthesia?

The drug class is determined according to the general health condition of the mother, after a comprehensive prenatal examination.
Many doctors prefer anesthesia because total anesthesia causes negative effects on lung health.
Therefore, the doctor should monitor each of the following factors after birth:
1. Blood pressure and pulse rate.
2. Itching at the lower part of the body.
3. Sense of Tinnitus, Circulation and Headache As a result of the drug’s effect in general, these symptoms should not extend more than the same day of delivery.